Is my penis the right size?

What is the average penis size? Is my penis too small? Too big?

What is the average penis size?

While penises come in various colors, shapes and sizes, studies have shown that the average penis size is anywhere from 5-7 inches. Here are the statistics on the percent of white college men who have erect penises of various lengths (According to the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research).

The same study found that the average girth is 4.84 inches.

Is my penis size too small?

Even if you were less than average, that would not mean that women would walk away with disappointment. A man can pleasure a woman in many ways - fingers, tongue and gentle hands, to name just a few (although I could go on). For many women, the penis is NOT what brings her to orgasm. Gentle stimulation around the clitoris is the thing most women like. Good sexual relationships do not depend on the size of your penis. They are enhanced by good communication, time, patience, understanding, acceptance and effective stimulation of the clitoris and nearby areas.

Is my penis size too big?

The only situation where you have to worry about your penis being too big is if it causes pain to your partner. If it does, you may need to be careful not to thrust too deeply during sex. There are a variety of sexual positions that may be useful to a male with a larger penis, which you can find on the Sexpert Approved Sex Positions article.