Are there any dangers in oral sex?

What are the dangers of giving/receiving fellatio (blowjob)?

Giving or receiving fellatio, more commonly referred to as a “blowjob” or “head,” has the potential to be both a safe and rewarding sexual experience if both partners are prepared and communicate well with each other. All partners involved should voice their concerns and preferences prior to engaging in fellatio. Furthermore, each person should feel comfortable talking with his or her respective partner during fellatio if a problem does arise. Common problems that occur during fellatio include, but are not limited to, harming the penis with one’s teeth, a male partner forcing his penis deeper into their partner’s throat/mouth, or a male partner ejaculating into the other partner’s mouth without warning. Note, upon reaching orgasm a male can either withdraw his penis from his partner’s mouth or ejaculate into it. The recipient’s partner should voice his or her preference prior to sexual engagement to avoid unnecessary confusion and harm.

Beyond personal preferences, those planning to participate in fellatio should be aware that oral sex allows for transmission of sexual infections, and proper barrier methods should be used to prevent this. The receiving partner should always wear a condom during fellatio in order to prevent passing any sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to his partner. Furthermore, we recommend all partners get tested for STIs prior to engaging in any sexual activity, so that when they do engage in sexual activity they will be aware of the risks and use proper protection. We encourage you to read our oral sex article if you desire further knowledge on the subject.