Could I be pregnant if my partner ejaculated on my body?

My partner and I were rubbing our genitals together with my underwear on, and later without any clothes on. We did not have penetrative sex, but he ejaculated on my body. Is there a possibility that I could become pregnant?

Technically, in this situation there is a slight to medium risk of pregnancy. However, there are multiple factors that can contribute to the likelihood of you becoming pregnant. These factors include the type of material your underwear was made of, where in relation to your vaginal opening your partner ejaculated, and the amount of time your partner’s ejaculate remained on your underwear. The risk would be lowest if your underwear were made of a thick material, if he ejaculated away from the direct site of your vaginal opening, and if you wiped off the ejaculate or took your underwear off soon after the ejaculate made contact with the material.

You should be aware that sperm could potentially find their way through thin or porous materials (like cotton) and possibly cause pregnancy, although the likelihood is low. Your chances of pregnancy are also reduced if the liquid on your underwear was pre-ejaculate (versus ejaculate). Pre-ejaculate, or “pre-cum,” is expelled out of the penis slowly during the excitement phase and may or may not include residual sperm from a previous ejaculation.

Though your partner did not ejaculate inside of you, the risk of pregnancy did increase when you both removed your underwear. His penis could have expelled pre-cum during the situation you have described, which could result in pregnancy.  Though it does not sound as though there was much penetration involved, there is still a risk that the pre-ejaculate or ejaculate could have made it’s way inside of your vagina. We recommend using contraception, even if penetration is minimal, because of the possible risk of a pregnancy.  For more information about your chance of pregnancy, try our Pregnancy Probability Questionnaire!