My penis is bent. Is there any way to fix it naturally?

We would like to calm anyone’s worries regarding the curve of their  penis by letting them know that the shape of a man’s penis can vary considerably from person to person. More importantly, we want to stress that as long as the curvature of a man’s penis does not cause any discomfort or pain to the individual or their partner, the shape of their penis should not be a cause for alarm.

We would like to underscore the fact that a curved penis is actually much more common than it seems. In fact, more than 50 percent of men have a slight curve or tilt to their erection. Some curve up, some down, some to one side or the other. These men are not alone! The need for treatment or corrective procedures depends on the severity of the curvature, and most men do not require any straightening procedures. If a man has just a slight curve in any direction, it is unlikely that it has any significant effect during penetrative intercourse. However, if the curve is more severe it can make sex painful for the man and his partner. (This is especially true for penises that curve down.) If the curve of a man’s penis is causing them pain or discomfort, we recommend seeking professional medical help. A doctor will be able to provide an individual with much more specific information and treatment, if necessary.

Ultimately, the decision to seek corrective surgery for cosmetic reasons rests with the individual. While surgery can be effective, it can pose many unnecessary and serious risks, including impotence (the inability to become erect or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse). It is strongly advised that surgery be sought out in only the most severe cases in which intercourse is extremely painful or even impossible. As mentioned previously, a slight curve in the penis is very common and not a cause for concern. If it is not interfering with a man’s sex or daily life, they should know that there is no cause for concern.