Why is my period brownish/blackish in color?

Why is my period brownish/blackish in color? Is this normal, and can I still engage in sexual activity?

When a women is nearing the end of their period they may start seeing very brown or black blood. Periods tend to begin with bright red blood (new blood just shed from the uterus) then transition to darker blood as the older blood is shed. (Blood gets darker and thicker as it sits in the uterus.) The blood flow should gradually become lighter and stop after several days much like any other period. If this is not when an individual usually has their period, they may be experiencing spotting, and it is likely nothing to worry about. However, if this dark blood continues to worry them or they begin to experience other symptoms, we recommend they visit their doctor.

To answer the second question, women can have sex on their period, and we absolutely recommend using a condom to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Unless they are trying to conceive or are engaging in sex with a clean, trusted partner, we always recommend using protection. Periods do not interfere with the efficacy of condoms or most birth control methods.