Sometimes before having sex, I get nervous and cannot maintain my erection. Is this normal?

This is very common, many men have difficulty maintaining an erection directly before a sexual opportunity. He may have too many things on his mind and feel anxious before having sex. Some men worry that they aren’t experienced enough and fear judgment from their partner. Others may be intimidated by some women and experience something termed “performance anxiety.” This term is problematic because it insinuates that having sex is a performance, which is not true. Sex is not a way for a man to “show off” or “perform” by any means, rather, it is an opportunity for a man and his partner to make each other feel wonderful. To keep this from reoccurring, a man can try relaxing before attempting to have intercourse. Stretching or doing yoga may help them find inner peace and make them feel more confident. Having a grip on their psyche will have tremendous effects on a man’s sex life in various ways. Communicating with their future partner about their fears may actually make them feel relieved and more relaxed. If a man continues to feel nervous before having sex, they may want to question the suitability of their partner. A man should make sure their partner welcomes sexual contact and makes them feel welcome in the bedroom.