Could I be pregnant?

Could I be pregnant?

If you have recently engaged in sexual activity with a partner and are wondering about the likelihood of this activity resulting in pregnancy, Sexinfo Online is here to help! There are several resources available to you to help you understand the chances that you or your partner is pregnant.

First, try our Pregnancy Probability Questionnaire (PPQ). This feature contains questions about the details of your specific sexual encounter. Based on your answers to these questions, the PPQ can tell you whether you or your partner’s risk of pregnancy is high, medium, or low. You can access the PPQ using the link on our home page or by clicking the “Could I Be Pregnant?” tab in the tool bar across the top of the page.

We also have articles entitled “Can We Get Pregnant If…” for female and for male partners. These articles contain examples of sexual activities and explanations of the chances of pregnancy for each activity.

Please keep in mind that these resources are meant to give you a rough estimate of your chances of pregnancy. If you believe you or your partner could be pregnant, we encourage you to take a home pregnancy test or visit the nearest doctor to find out for sure. For even more information about getting pregnant, and the chances of becoming pregnant, be sure to explore our many articles!