Why do I get headaches during and after sex or masturbation?

I sometimes get headaches after having sex or masturbating. Is there an explanation for this? How can I find relief?


Head pains leading up to and during orgasm are often caused by a phenomenon known as “Benign Sexual Headaches.” They can be quite painful, but luckily there are many known treatments for this condition. Please know we are not qualified medical practitioners, and if  headaches do persist, we highly recommend a visit to a physician who will be able to properly diagnose this pain. In some cases, these headaches are a symptom of underlying conditions which require medical treatment. However, we can offer some holistic solutions to try which may help alleviate this pain.

Often, Benign Sexual Headaches are exacerbated by being tired, stressed, and engaging in masturbation several times in rapid succession. Try to create a cool, relaxed environment, remember to breathe, and drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. If a computer is being used as a visual aid, staring at a computer screen for a prolonged period can also worsen headaches in some people. Some people also find that changing the position in which they masturbate provides relief (i.e. lying down).

Most of the time, Benign Sexual Headaches disappear on their own. Although they are rarely a health risk, it is still important to seek out a physician, who can run the proper tests and provide treatment to reduce the pain.