What sexual activities are best for me if I am overweight?

I am overweight and my partner and I want to try positions other than the missionary position. Any suggestions?

There are sex positions other than missionary (such as side-by-side or big flying legs) that may be fun for you and your partner to try out. Starting the doggie-style position while lying down may help you two achieve vaginal penetration. You can also use pillows to aid you in raising your hips or buttocks depending on which position you are in. You and your partner can also change up your usual routine by experimenting with oral sex, manual stimulation, and sensual massages; these techniques can help you learn more about your partner’s body and are usually very pleasurable for the receiving partner. Exploring and learning about each other’s bodies can be a very romantic and rewarding experience. Also, If you are interested in adding more spice to your sex life, we suggest adding toys such as vibrators or handcuffs. However, you and your partner should discuss the use of sex toys before introducing them into the bedroom to determine which toys and behaviors you two are comfortable with. We also suggest engaging in activities together outside of the bedroom, such as exercising together, in order to become more comfortable with each other and deepen your relationship. Exercise has been proven to increase couples’ satisfaction with their sex lives, as well as increase an individual’s confidence and stamina. You can read more about how exercise can benefit your sex life here. The most important part of trying new things in the bedroom is communication with your partner. If you and your partner are willing to step out of your comfort zones together to strengthen your sexual relationship, you two can definitely have a more adventurous and satisfying sex life!