I don’t enjoy G-Spot stimulation from my partner. What should I do?

I don’t enjoy G-Spot stimulation from my partner. What should I do?

First, we would like to emphasize that you should never feel pressured into any activity that you are uncomfortable with. Being unable to relax during G-spot stimulation may be preventing the results your partner wishes to achieve. Communicate with your partner, and tell him or her that at this point in time, you would rather not experiment with G-spot stimulation. If you have specific reasons why you are uncomfortable with it, sharing them may help your partner better understand your feelings. You can try brainstorming with your partner to incorporate another activity that you are both excited about into your sex life.We encourage you to read more information about the G-Spot here in the hopes that you will feel more at ease!

When exploring G-spot stimulation, we recommend that you first test out the region on your own. This way, you can have a better idea of how to guide your partner to pleasuring you. Some females describe the orgasm from G-spot stimulation as much more intense and heated than a clitoral orgasm, while others may feel little sensation or even discomfort.

If you enjoy self-stimulation, you can begin exploring the region with your partner. Relax and think about something that arouses you as you have your partner slip their fingers into your vagina and feel along the vaginal wall. You can guide their finger motions, telling them which maneuvers you enjoy best. You can ask him or her to massage the spot in slow circles; touch it in a  “come here” motion, a figure eight pattern; or tap rapidly with force. You and your partner may also find greater success by elevating your pelvic area with a few pillows beneath your butt. This can provide them with greater access to the region by changing the angle of penetration. Make sure to communicate with your partner so you can guide them towards what feels best for you! If you enjoy oral stimulation from your partner, you may enjoy blending manual stimulation of your G-spot with oral stimulation of your clitoris.

After experimenting with your partner, if you still do not enjoy G-spot stimulation, do not be discouraged! Each woman experiences sexual sensations differently. While some women are capable of orgasms with G-spot stimulation, others are not and may feel discomfort. In either case, this situation has opened up communication and exploration between you and your partner.