Can oral sex lead to pregnancy?

My partner and I were having oral sex and he ejaculated in my mouth. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant?

Pregnancy can only result from sexual intercourse or from an encounter where a male’s semen gets inside a female’s reproductive tract via the vulva or vagina. Therefore, activities such as kissing and swallowing a partner’s ejaculate can not cause pregnancy.

Pregnancy occurs when a male’s sperm cells come into contact with a female’s ovum, or egg – the female sex cell. Once every twenty-eight days (on average), a female ovulates, or releases an egg into one of her two fallopian tubes. The twenty-eight day cycle around ovulation is known as the menstrual cycle. After ovulation, the egg stays in one of the two fallopian tubes for a few days. It is during this time that a female can become pregnant, but only in certain circumstances.

When a male has an orgasm, he typically ejaculates a small amount of semen from his penis. Semen contains sperm, which are the male sex cells. If a male ejaculates into a female’s vagina during the time when she is ovulating, then the sperm (the male sex cells) will find their way to the egg (the female sex cell). When this happens, one of the sperm will join together with the egg, and this sperm-and-egg combination (known as a zygote) will implant itself in the uterus and begin to grow and develop into a baby.

In short, pregnancy can only occur if all of the following conditions are met:

1) Sperm enters the vaginal canal. 

2) The sperm makes it through the cervix and into the fallopian tubes.

3) The sperm fertilizes an egg.

4) The fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus.

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If two people kiss or cuddle, there is absolutely no risk of pregnancy. So relax and don’t worry, kissing is an enjoyable and risk-free way of sharing affection with your partner. Of course, you can become pregnant from other sexual activities if sperm comes into contact with a female’s vulva or vagina. If you choose to engage in sexual activity with your partner, we recommend you use condoms or some form of hormonal birth control, to minimize your chances of pregnancy. Of course, communication is important for any relationship, so we advise having an open discussion about birth control and pregnancy with your partner.