Is it okay to masturbate every day?

Is it okay to masturbate every day?

First, we would like you all to know that there are many cultural myths about the risks of masturbation but when performed safely masturbation can be a very enjoyable and beneficial activity! Let us provide you with some information on the benefits of masturbation and dispel some common misconceptions about the risks of frequent masturbation.

There is no absolute limit to the amount of times one can or should masturbate in a day. There is only cause for concern when masturbation begins to encroach upon daily life. If someone were to stop socializing or begin neglecting duties because all they want to do is masturbate, there may be cause for concern. However, as long as masturbation is not causing social isolation or irresponsible behavior, there is no reason why frequent masturbation cannot be enjoyed safely. In fact, there are many experts who believe frequent masturbation can be both physically and mentally beneficial. Not only does it relieve sexual tension, but it also helps individuals become more comfortable with their own bodies. Masturbation is an excellent way to learn about your sexual anatomy and unique sexual likes/dislikes and responses. Through experimentation (which is a normal and healthy activity), people can touch all the parts of their body and find out what brings them the most pleasure.

Masturbation is a fantastic way of improving self-confidence and self-esteem throughout one’s lifetime. Despite many myths about the risks of masturbation, please know that manual stimulation of the genitals does not cause fertility changes in men or women and does not reduce sperm or egg count. Touching oneself is a safe and enjoyable way to release tension and experience pleasure. Masturbation is one of the safest sexual activities because it involves no risk of pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). So it is okay to masturbate every day, even multiple times per day, if you are doing so safely and responsibly!