Is it normal to feel weak after masturbation?

I have been masturbating while lying on my stomach, and have been feeling weak afterwards. Is this normal?


First, know that many women (and men) masturbate while lying on their stomachs. Many do it because they can exert more pressure on their genitals, but this method has been known to cause temporary difficulty reaching orgasm through other stimulation because other kinds cannot replicate the pressure of this masturbation. While we do not want to deter anyone from self-exploration, we are concerned by the negative side effects that can occur. We encourage that if anyone feels weak after prone masturbation they should see a doctor immediately and stop using this method completely until the reason for these symptoms are found. It is also possible that these symptoms are unrelated to the masturbation technique, and in that case, only a doctor has the expertise and training to try and diagnose the cause. If anyone would like to learn more about masturbation, we recommend checking out our articles on different forms of masturbation and masturbation tips.