What is the best way to ask your partner to try kinkier things?

After watching a film about BDSM, I've been wanting to try some of these things with my significant other. What is the best way to tell your partner you want to try new kinkier things?

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“BDSM” is an abbreviation that stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. BDSM includes a variety of erotic practices and can range from simple blindfolding to multi-day dominance-submission role-playing sessions. If you want to incorporate some of these practices into your sex life, it is important to be open and honest about exactly what you are interested in with your partner. At a time when you are both relaxed and focused on each other—perhaps after dinner or while taking a walk—tell your partner that you are interested in trying some kinkier things, and ask them for their opinion. Suggest beginning with something small such as blindfolding one another with a bandana or tying each other up with a scarf. The removal of one sense (e.g., sight, touch) can heighten the other senses and puts one partner in a position of control, which can be exciting and arousing for both partners.

The most important aspect of BDSM is that everyone involved consents and feels safe and comfortable. Most couples that engage in BDSM practices discuss it extensively beforehand in order to establish boundaries and agree on a "safe word." This safe word is used when one partner wants the other to slow down or decrease a behavior or to cease the action altogether. When the safe word is uttered, all activity should stop immediately so that you and your partner can discuss why he or she said the word.

It is crucial that all people involved in BDSM practices and all forms of kinky sex are enjoying the interaction and are not forced to engage in behaviors that they do not feel comfortable with. While pushing one's boundaries is often a freeing and positive experience, it can also be traumatic if proper precautions are not taken. Keep in mind that while you are allowed to ask your partner to try new things, you must be respectful of their wishes if they are not comfortable with what you suggest. Remember, all forms of sex, kinky or not, should be an expression of love and connection, and consent is key!