What is the best way to make another man orgasm?

What is the best way to make another man orgasm?

There are many ways for men to achieve orgasm, but every individual is different. For this reason, we suggest that good communication is most important for ensuring that you and your partner will have the best experience possible. First, it is important to always receive a clear and exuberant “YES” from any and all partners. Similarly, it is important to recognize that consent can be withdrawn at any time during sexual activity. That is, if there comes a point when a person becomes uncomfortable and wishes to stop the activity, they have the right to withdraw their consent at any time. One way for men to achieve orgasm is through manual stimulation of the penis, commonly referred to as a “handjob.” It is common for a partner to use one or both hands to grip the penis, and move the hand(s) in an up-and-down motion to stimulate the penis. Some men also enjoy having their testicles involved in the stimulation. A partner may gently cup or tug on the testicles with one hand, or rub them. As always, partners should communicate about what feels best and what they feel comfortable doing.

Another pleasurable activity, closely related to manual stimulation, is mutual masturbation. When performed with a partner, mutual masturbation can be a fun and intimate activity. You can stimulate your partner, or you can touch yourself in the presence of your partner. You can also masturbate together, or stimulate one another at the same time. Not only is this activity enjoyable, but it can also be a very educational experience. You may learn the likes and dislikes of your partner by observing the techniques they use to pleasure themselves during masturbation. There are several things you can do to make mutual masturbation more enjoyable. First, make sure your partner is comfortable with the idea of masturbating together. Some people may think masturbation is a private practice; others may be thrilled to share the experience. Second, we recommend that you and your partner have some artificial lubricant handy. It may not be necessary, but it can be especially useful if you and your partner are going to engage in a long period of sexual activity. (Experimenting with different brands of lube may be a fun experience as well!) Last, as with any sexual activity, practice safe sex. If you plan on touching your partner in ways that could transmit bodily fluids, be sure to use a barrier method of birth control. Also, it is wise to wash your hands before manually stimulating yourself, or a partner, to avoid spreading any germs or bacteria from the hands to the genitals.    

Another way men can achieve orgasm is through oral stimulation, commonly referred to as fellatio or a “blowjob.” A male’s partner can stimulate him orally by licking and sucking on his penis and testicles. The glans, frenulum, corona, and penile shaft are all highly sensitive, so many people like to focus on these areas. To bring your partner more pleasure, you can try encircling his penis with your mouth and moving it in and out. Teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, so the lips should be the main source of pressure on the penis. As the male gets more aroused, his partner can move the penis deeper into the mouth/throat, or speed up the pace of the in-and-out motion. If the partner is not comfortable moving the penis deeper into the mouth, he may place his hands around the base of the penis and move them up and down simultaneously with the mouth. This will create a similar sensation. When performing fellatio, it is important to know what you and your partner are going to do once he reaches orgasm. This is something that is best discussed beforehand. The male can withdraw his penis, or he can ejaculate into his partner's mouth. If he withdraws from the mouth, his partner can continue to stimulate the penis with their hands until ejaculation. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be spread through oral sex, so we would like to remind you to always use a barrier method of contraception.

Finally, anal sex is another way that men can achieve orgasm. This is caused by the stimulation of the prostate gland, which is located about two to three inches inside the rectum, directly below the bladder. Anal sex can be highly pleasurable for some men, but we do recommend practicing caution when engaging in it. Anal sex can be an extremely risky sexual act if the necessary precautions are not taken because the anus has no ability to produce a natural lubricant, so any tears that occur in the delicate anal tissue become direct pathways into the body for STIs and viruses. It is therefore incredibly important to use a condom at all times during anal sex. Also, be sure to use lube generously and proceed slowly when beginning anal sex in order to avoid any rips or tears in the anus.