How can I tell if my hymen is intact?

How do you know if you don't have your hymen? What exactly does it look like?

The hymen is different on every female. If you are curious about what your hymen looks like, you can use a mirror to see inside your vaginal canal. Position the mirror between your legs so you can see your vulva, and slowly spread the inner and outer “lips” (the labia minora and labia majora) of your vulva. If you cannot see into your vaginal canal, use a flashlight to illuminate the area. If you can see a thin layer of skin right inside your vaginal opening that has a small hole (or holes) present, your hymen is most likely intact. If you notice small traces of broken skin surrounding your vaginal canal but no thin membrane, you may have already stretched or broken your hymen. The hymen can be broken during activities such as physical exercise, using tampons, having sex, or masturbating. This is not always a painful occurrence, some women do not even feel it break. The stretching or breaking of the hymen is completely normal and does not necessarily mean that a female is not a “virgin”.