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  1. Dating Applications for Gay and Bisexual Men

    ... technology has revolutionized the way that men who have sex with men (MSM) can connect and meet with potential partners. This new ... its perceived benefits, and other risk factors for the individuals who use them as well as a few tips to safely navigate this ...

    Jak Tedesco - 05/22/2018 - 18:01

  2. Manual Stimulation

    ... become sufficiently sexually aroused before intercourse. For both males and females, signs of arousal include an increase in heart rate ... in foreplay, the goal does not have to be penetrative sex or orgasm. There are many benefits to engaging in manual stimulation ...

    misaacs - 05/22/2018 - 15:35

  3. Situational Homosexuality

    ... of sexuality. The concept of situational same- sex sexual activity is not a new idea. In a written excerpt by Josiah Flynt, ... with each other across many centuries. 4 For many, the term “situational homosexuality” is outdated, as it ... fluid and non-binary (non-binary means not restricted to two fixed and rigid categories such as homosexual or heterosexual ); the ...

    mfriske - 06/18/2018 - 22:50

  4. Sex and Personality Disorders

    ... Disorders Personality Disorders is a general term for a group of mental illnesses that are characterized by long term patterns of ... and drug use, overeating, excessive spending sprees, rebound sex, and self-mutilation or cutting. People with this disorder also tend to ...

    beccahammel - 06/01/2016 - 22:40

  5. A Guide To Kissing

    ... make all the difference and keep your partner coming back for more. This guide will also address common myths about kissing and the ... why each myth is false. 1. “Kissing always leads to sex.” False . Although kissing is a form of foreplay, it ...

    omendoza - 02/12/2019 - 22:57

  6. How to Increase the Chances of Pregnancy

    ... those who are overweight. The average time to conception for underweight females was four times longer than that for normal weight ... and serious birth defects. Have Frequent Sex According to experts, having intercourse every other night around the ...

    chaack - 03/20/2019 - 13:27

  7. Sex Determination and Differentiation

    In humans, biological sex is determined by a specific set of chromosomes. Chromosomes are long, threadlike structures of DNA that encode for different traits in an organism. Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes. ... which are different in males and females. Females have two X chromosomes (XX), whereas males have an X and a Y chromosome (XY). An ...

    mwu - 11/14/2018 - 21:35

  8. Herpes

    ... eyes — though it can be spread to the genitals via  oral sex . Herpes Type II is most commonly located below the waist — on the ... may form. These sores can be quite painful. It is common for the first breakout to be very intense and to include multiple sores. ...

    sholland - 11/14/2018 - 20:52

  9. Birth Control Comparison Chart

    ... a person chooses to engage in. Oral, anal and vaginal sex all carry risks for STI transmission.   Hormones: None   ...

    chaack - 05/18/2017 - 00:05

  10. Sex and Anxiety Disorders

    ... or flight" adrenaline-based system, which is responsible for responding to stressful situations. 3  It is the parasympathetic nervous ... have hypoactive sexual desire disorders , pain during sex , and a lower frequency of sexual thoughts and sexual intercourse than ...

    Kirsten Mandsager - 06/01/2016 - 22:43