Can I have sex on my period?

What are some tips for having sex on your period?


Because we were unsure if you were referring to a pad or a tampon (interestingly, many people refer to tampons as “pads”), we would like to address both products. In this response, we will refer to the product that lines the underwear as a pad and the product that is inserted into the vaginal canal as a tampon. Pads, because they are worn externally on the underwear, do not interfere with penile-vaginal intercourse, but they also do not prevent blood from leaking out of the vagina and getting onto your partner.

While tampons should NOT be worn during penile-vaginal sex, they can be worn during other forms of sexual activity that do not involve the vaginal canal (such as anal and oral sex) as a pleasant and discreet way to prevent leakage. We do not recommend having penile-vaginal intercourse while wearing a tampon because the penis can push the tampon far into the vaginal canal during penetration and cause irritation. There is also a risk of the tampon being pushed so far into the vagina that you will not be able to retrieve it yourself. In this case, you would have to visit a doctor to have it removed.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution that can be worn during penile-vaginal sex and prevents any blood from getting onto your partner: the menstrual cup!   

The menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina against the cervix and catches all menstrual flow. This product prevents any blood from leaving the vagina and/or getting onto your partner because it catches the blood and holds it at the cervix; this way menstrual blood never even enters the vaginal canal. Also, because it is inserted so deeply into the vagina, it is not felt by you or your partner during penile-vaginal sex. We hope this response was helpful and urge you to write in with any more questions that may arise!

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